Special Issue

Smart Underground Space

Underground Space Journal – ELSEVIER

(Expected publication in December 2017)

Smart Underground Space Concept

The digital technology is, and continues to be, at the origin of considerable mutations in our life and environment as well as in the development of new high-value products, services and management systems. It also led to the disappearance of some major products, systems and economic actors, who did not embrace the digital mutation. This special issue proposes to revisit the Underground Space while trying to cross both today’s challenges of this space and the opportunities offered by the digital technology.

Objective of this issue 

Through this issue, the Underground Space Journal (USJ) hoops contributing to the digital mutation of the Underground Space by the creation and implementation of the Smart Underground Space (SUS) concept. The issue will include  original papers about the state of the art, new developments and perspectives of the use of the Smart Technology in the design, construction and exploitation of the Underground Space with a particular concern for the development of a digital-based inclusive system for the lifecycle management of this space.


Papers on the following issues are welcome:

  • Re-visiting today’s challenges of the underground space.
  • Latest developments in the Smart Technology and its application in urban areas as well as in civil engineering infrastructures and facilities.
  • Use of the Smart Technology in the Underground Space.


  • Submission of abstracts or first interest (contact Isam.Shahrour@univ-lille1.fr)
  • Submission of final papers: July, 30, 2017
  • Final acceptance: Before September 1, 2017
  • Publication of the special issue: December 2017.


Professor Isam SHAHROUR (Guest Editor)

Professor Hehua ZHU (Editor of USJ)

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