We are pleased to invite you to the first conference on Smart Underground Space, Shanghai 2017.

This conference aims at creating a new rendezvous around the use of digital technology and social innovation to meet today’s challenges of the Underground Space.

The exploitation of the Underground Space requires huge and high costly infrastructures and facilities. Any serious incident in this space could lead very quickly to high economic and human losses. In order to reduce the cost of construction and exploitation of the underground facilities and to ensure a high level of safety of these facilities, intensive innovations have been conducted for the design, construction and exploitation of the Underground Space.

Thanks to the digital mutation, new concepts such as Smart Grids, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities are used to improve the efficiency and safety of urban systems and large infrastructures. During this conference, we would like to explore achievements in these areas in order to enhance our practices and to innovate in the lifecycle management of the Underground Space in considering the challenges of safety, efficiency, risk management, resiliency, sustainability and the development of new services.

Conference Chairs

Professor: Isam Shahrour (University of Lille – Tongji University) 
Professor :Xiongyao Xie (Tongji University)